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What’s the difference between working online and locally?

To start of say goodbye to commuting / traveling early in the morning to the office. You’ll work jobs from wherever you have a reliable Internet connection — your home, a café down the street, or on a rooftop.

Instead of being limited to nearby jobs, you can now work with clients around the globe. Choose the jobs you feel inspired to work with—it’s a whole new world of freedom and opportunity.

There are some things that don’t change when working online jobs. As a Ninja, once you pick up a job, you’ll be expected to communicate openly and consistently with your client and deliver excellent work, on time, every time.

Getting paid for Jobs within OneSpiffy as a Ninja has several added benefits over freelancing on your own or using freelance apps available online or on the app stores.

When you work or pickup a Job on OneSpiffy as a Ninja, credit payments are pre-funded by your clients. Once you have completed the job and the job has been approved – you’ll receive payments without any administrative hassles. No hard copy invoices to generate and mail, no paperwork to manage, and no need to remind clients to pay you. We will handle that, all Ninjas are family after all.

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