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What if there’s a dispute over Jobs Account access?

In the event of a dispute, your first action should always be to refer to the terms of any agreement in place between you and the other party/parties involved.

In relation to a Jobs subscription, any rights that you have will depend on whether you are a “administrator” or an “invited user”.

The administrator has the ability to decide what level of access an invited user has to the subscription.

If you are an invited user, then your administrator controls access to the Jobs subscription. We are unable to change user access unless it is authorised by the administrator to do so. If you require the subscription to be transferred, you will have to reach a resolution with your administrator and get them to consent to the transfer of the subscription.

We are not in a position to decide on the legitimacy of either party’s claims in a dispute. If the parties are unable to resolve the dispute between themselves then they may need to resolve the dispute using some form of dispute resolution mechanism, such as mediation or arbitration.

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